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Malcolm Duerod

Member, Board of Directors

033 944 467

Malcolm Duerod is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor of science in Business Administration. He graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA in general management focusing on investments and venture capital. He worked on Wall Street for close to 10 years at Wells Fargo Advisors, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan/Chase. Malcolm started his own financial advisory and consulting firm and has advised clients on various investments for over 20 years. In addition, he worked on an import/export deal for distribution of medical products from China to the USA. Malcolm is active in the NGO sector and serves as director of Nada Mladima UG, an economic empowerment charity. Since arriving in the country he has been a lecturer and mentor for close to a decade. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in entrepreneurial ecosystems and is on the board of trustees of International Burch University.

Nedim Čelebić

Management and Organisation Assist. Professor

033 944 474

Nedim Čelebić holds an MBA from Henderson State University (USA) and Ph.D. in Business and Management from Faculty of Economics, University in Sarajevo. He was Executive Director of several manufacturing and service companies as well as strategic management consultant for numerous international organisations such as UNDP, GIZ, EU, USAID. Having a years’ long experience in managing and consulting different companies, international organisations and public institutions, he brings a practical approach to teaching students with different backgrounds. Currently, Prof. Čelebić serves as Director of Burch Business Center and Burch Startup Incubator at the International Burch University.

Sanel Halilbegović

Management and Organisation Assist. Professor

033 944 418

Sanel Halilbegovic gained his BA, MBA and PhD in Finance. Coming to Burch in 2015, he took with him over 20 years of professional and hands-on experience in finance, investments and trading.During his colorful and prestigious career he worked for firms of all sorts and sizes from manufacturing, financial services, insurance, trading etc. High-points in his career include working for Kyocera Group as a head of financial analysis team and managing a $2 billion budget and a Midwest division of AON Risk Services. He is an avid stock and options trader with over 20 years of trading experience that includes 4 years of working as a day trader. Prof Halilbegovic was also varsity sportsmen and besides extensive experience he brings to the table a competitive spirit, high energy and passion for finance.

Mersid Poturak

Marketing Assist. Professor

033 944 439

Currently, Mersid serves Vice Dean position at Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, International Burch University. He is also a Management Department Head. He received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Production Management and MBA and a PhD degree in Marketing. The first from Sarajevo University, the other two from International Burch University. He is a founder of Social and Business Development Center, the NGO that serves to a business word as well as a society as a whole. Mersid is a digital marketing consultant. Through his Melody marketing agency and together with MAGAZA, partner agency from Wien, Austria, he helps many companies in BiH and EU to grow their business.

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Program

The mission of the student incubator is to create a sustainable innovation platform through education, and market experimentation to support the formation of new companies leveraging our existing university-enterprise partnership. We do this by bringing the business community closer to the university community through the Burch Business Center (BBC). This allows BBC member companies the opportunity to train and mentor student teams, eventually realizing investment and commercialization opportunities. Other objectives include: (1) Impact the entrepreneurial orientation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing an example of successful university-enterprise partnership that also results in social benefits through the products and services provided by successfully incubated companies, (2) Allow students the opportunity for skill building as interns at student incubated companies and BBC partner companies. Overall we aim to be the leading university and enterprise incubator in the Balkan region. Total is 12 students + 5 Full time professionals currently. Since 2015 there has been Entrepreneurship course taught to all faculties (Economics, Engineering, and Education) as a third year elective. Over 400 students have taken the class. This is a major step toward the mindset change that needs to take place before Bosnia and Herzegovina can begin to realize it's potential in Engineering and Software product development, startup company formation and entrepreneurial spirit.