FAQ – Process

What are the formal rules that student incubator residents should follow?

You will need to follow the university Kućni Red and the obligations listed in your incubator contracts including, 1 desk space for your company.  The university Kućni Red is available at the intern desk.

What other requirements are there to residence in the student incubator at IBU?

pon entry you will have a milestone meeting with student incubator program director to discuss your company’s 3 to 6 month milestones to help set measurable evaluation points for the contract renewal discussion toward the end of your incubator contract.

There will be a monthly milestone review meeting with with Nedim or Malcolm. In these meetings you will received a customized mentoring based on your company’s stage and progress.

Each company will need to pick one internal mentor from our current roster of professors and communicate who that person is to Nedim or Malcolm via email during the first week of residence.

It is recommended that you meet with your selected professor mentor at least bimonthly for advice and guidance. These discussions and your work can be the basis for your monthly milestone review meetings with the incubator program director.

What type of community events/education are there in the IBU student incubator?

Every three months each company with less than 6 months residents is required to present on a topic of their choice in a 45 minute seminar to the rest of the incubator residents. It is highly suggested that all companies participate in a rotating schedule on a set day of the month each month with some flexibility for rescheduling these internal education events.


Someone from your company will need to attend a minimum of 2 Burch Business Center workshop meetings or other relevant continuing education workshops/seminars every 6 months for networking and professional training topics. (a schedule of workshops will be discussed during monthly check-in meetings) Certificates of participation will act as proof of fulfilling this requirement.

What are the opportunities to meet industry experts and potential mentors while a student’s company is resident in the incubator?

Depending on the length of residence (long you stay the greater your chances) there will be at least one Mentor Matching Mixer with IBU Alumni and BBC companies to help you find an external mentor of your choice.  It is highly encouraged but not mandatory to make a match for advice, networking and potential sales opportunities.

What community events are required for incubator companies to attend?

A representative from each student team is required to attend at least 80% of incubator group scheduled events that are announced with a minimum five days prior notice (monthly mixer, educational lectures, etc.).  Research has proved that highly engaged companies in the incubator community have great chance of successful product launch and future fund-raising outcomes versus those companies that do not attending incubator events.

Annual Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Each year IBU hosts experts from the field from September to July for symposiums, lectures, and informal talks. These average twice per month.

Start Me Up Conference

Annual gathering of startups from high school and university who finished entrepreneurship training at IBU.

IBU PR event Partnership

From time to time IBU will ask incubator companies to participate in promotional events publicizing the Student Incubator, which at the same time will highlight the incubator company.  These are not mandatory, but rather opportunities to further the resources of the incubator and add to the public relations of your company.  Based on rotating schedule each company will have an equal chance to contribute and assist in the marketing of the incubator.

Does IBU have any rights to take photos, interviews of the teams, their work while at the Student Incubator?

IBU reserves the right to take and use miscellaneous creative content created by our PR department (photo’s, videos, audio) during workshops, open meetings and incubator presentations on the Burch campus or sponsored by Burch. These will be used in university promotional activities.

What costs/expenses am I responsible of after I’ve entered the Incubator?

The student members of the incubator (Student projects) are obligated to pay 101KM over the 6 month period.
Non-student projects in the Incubator are obligated to pay 101KM over the 6 month period, plus 100KM per 10m
2 in rent. These fees are subject to change by the ministry and decision of International Burch university.